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Chocolate Types
White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Learn more

Box Types
Custom gold or silver embossed boxes are included with every order along with an air tight inner plastic wrap for each chocolate.


Not sure what size is best for you? View our printable PDF sizing guide and visualize the various custom chocolate options available to you.
Sample Pack $19.95
Not sure which product or chocolate type is right for you?  Order a sample today and have the price apply 100% toward your first custom order. The sample pack includes 3 chocolates one of each dark, milk and white chocolate types and both gold and silver boxes.

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With fixed setup and FREE shipping offers you pay only for the custom chocolate you order. With orders as small as $500 accepted and no hidden fees, you can order with confidence! Start your order in our online store.

Learn about our design process and how to create your own custom chocolate designs.